Traditional Irish Music


William Sullivan, button accordion
Mitzie Collins, hammered dulcimer and piano

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Song List:

  1. Pigeon on the Gate (accordion, dulcimer)
  2. Star of Munster (accordion, dulcimer )
  3. Cameronian Reel (accordion, piano)
  4. Galway Reel (accordion, dulcimer)
  5. Conlon's Jig (accordion, dulcimer)
  6. Tarbolton (accordion, dulcimer)
  7. Connaughtman's Rambles (accordion, piano)
  8. Liverpool Hornpipe (accordion, dulcimer)
  9. Eel in the Sink (accordion, dulcimer)
  10. Banks of Newfoundland (accordion, piano)
  11. The Girl I Left Behind Me (accordion, dulcimer)
  12. Blackthorn Stick (accordion, piano)
  13. Old Man Dillon / The Rose in the Heather (accordion, piano)
  14. Drowsy Maggie (hammered dulcimer solo)
  15. Swallow's Tail Reel (accordion, dulcimer)
  16. Bessie Sweeney (accordion, piano)
  17. Lark in the Morning (accordion dulcimer)
  18. Paddy on the Turnpike (accordion, piano)
  19. Boys of Blue Hill (accordion, dulcimer)
  20. Jackson's Reel (accordion, piano)
  21. Flax in Bloom / Bag of Potatoes (accordion, dulcimer)
  22. Hag with Money (accordion, piano)
  23. Kitty's Rambles (accordion, dulcimer)
  24. Kerry Reel (accordion, dulcimer)
  25. Baxter's Jig (accordion, piano)
  26. Bells of Tipperary (accordion, dulcimer)
  27. Flogging Reel (accordion, dulcimer)
  28. Contentment is Wealth / Paddy in London (accordion, dulcimer)
  29. Kesh Jig (hammered dulcimer solo)
  30. Plains of Boyle ((accordion, dulcimer)
  31. Salamanca Reel (accordion, piano)
  32. The Black Berry Blossom (accordion, dulcimer)
  33. Cooley's Reel (accordion solo)
  34. Highland Fling (accordion solo)
  35. Flowers of Red Hills (accordion solo)
  36. Mother's Pet (accordion solo)

In the town of Clifden, County Galway, the ancient folk traditions of Ireland were very much alive during the boyhood of William F. Sullivan. Born in 1909, he grew up immersed in the folk music and culture which pervade.that land. When he emigrated to New York City in 1927, he brought with him his love of Irish music. Galway native William Sullivan arrived in New York in 1927 and played regularly with popular musicians and friends such as the Sligo Fiddlers Michael Coleman, Lad O'Beirne, Peter Conlan, Martin Malone, and his maternal uncle Joe Lamont He has no formal training, but sat in on sessions with legendary musicians like Larry Redican, Louis Quinn and Pete Conlon and developed a rich personal style of ornamentation and an impeccable ear for tunes. Originally released on cassette, 4 additional selections of solo accordion playing have been added to the CD.. . This hour-long cassette - his only commercial recording - contains 35 tunes played with the driving rhythms and unbounded energy of a traditional Irish evening. Our sadness at Sullivan's sudden death in August of 1989 is tempered by our happy memories of his never flagging enthusiasm for dance tunes, his bemused acceptance of his late-in-life recognition, and his genuine joy in sharing his music.


"For a fan of Irish 'sessions' or pub music, this tape works really well. Sullivan is excellent at playing his box, and Collins' accompaniments on piano and dulcimer help to further accentuate the rhythm. The book will be a big help to anyone who wants to learn the tunes." --- Steve Winick, Dirty Linen, Baltimore, Maryland " Over the years he played on local radio stations and at countles dances and ceilis. His music was also recorded on the old reel to reel systems . . . he waited until the quiet days of retirement to record his first commercial tape. Bill Sullivan, his Irish cap in place, sat in a comfortable chair. . . and lifted the white 60-year old, time-worn button accordian . . . For three nights he played scores of jigs, reels, and hornpipes as Ms. Collins accompanied him either on the piano or hammered dulcimer . . . Bill Sullivan is equally content with the music of the old days and the friends it brought together." --- Jim Lowney, Irish Echo, New York City "The sound of a real session!" --- Fiona Ritchie, host, Thistle and Shamrock, National Public Radio " . . . he plays with gusto and rich ornamentation ... the tune selection is a nice mix of familiar pieces and some perhaps not so well-known ... For those of us who don't always have access to players in the living tradition, cassette/book packages like this are an invaluable aid both as historical documents and to help us in expanding our repertoires, and of course for the simple pleasure of listening to a fine musician . . ." --- Charles de Lint, Concertina and Squeezebox, Bellingham Washington "An amazing repertory transfusion into our Irish music scene. . . the tape ends with three blockbusters in a row . . . every serious Celtic and countrypdance musician around here will want both the tape and the book!" Golden Link Folk Singing Society Newsletter, Rochester, New York.

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