Timeless Jewish Songs - Shirim La'ad - 9326

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vocal / harp (time: 59 minutes)

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Martha Rock Birnbaum: mezzo soprano; Barbara Dechario: harp

Timeless Jewish Songs adds the rich heritage of Yiddish, Hebrew, and Ladino songs to the Sampler collection. The performers, each outstanding as soloists, bring to their collaboration a deep love of Jewish traditions and their own family experiences. The feeling of the recording is that of an intimate recital . . . perhaps in your living room. A tenderness and warmth is conveyed through the rich mezzo voice of Martha Birnbaum and the exquisite harp technique of Barbara Dechario.

Martha Rock Birnbaum has been a Cantor at Temple B'rith Kodesh and at Temple Sinai in Rochester, New York, and at Temple Beth Zion in Buffalo. She has pursued the study of Herew, Yiddish and Ladino songs and literature. Barbara Dechario is a member of the Rochester Philhamonic Orchestra, the Elmira Symphony and the Cayuga Chamber Orchestra. She learned many of these songs from her Yiddish-speaking mother and great aunts. The accompanying booklet includes the lyrics and translations of the songs.

This recording is carried in stores specializing in Judaica across the country and in the London Jewish Music Centre in England, the Audio Forum catalog, and the Sounds Write catalog.

  1. *Shabbat Hamalka [Hebrew]
  2. Tumbalalaika MP3
  3. Eliahu Hanavi [Hebrew]
  4. Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen [Yiddish]
  5. Der Rebbe Elimeylekh [Yiddish]
  6. Bamidbar
  7. Chiri Biri Bim MP3
  8. Adio Kerida [Ladino]
  9. *Los Bilbilicos [Ladino]
  10. *Finjan
  11. V'Shamru
  12. *Oyfn Pripetshik MP3 [Yiddish]
  13. Adon Olam [Hebrew]
  14. Zog Nit Keyn Mol!
  15. *Miserlu (harp solo)
  16. Shir Noded / Hatikva

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