OH! THAT LOW BRIDGE! Songs of the Erie Canal - TLB101
George Ward

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George Ward: vocals, six and twelve-string guitars, bass guitar, five-string banjo, concertina Dwight (Doc) Murphy: string bass; Ruth Rappoport: piano; Bill Spencce: hammered dulcimer; Kate Whitlock: cello
vocal / instrumental (time 46 minutes)

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    Oh! That Low Bridge!
  1. Paddy on the Canal
  2. Song of the Diggers (tune: G.eorge Ward)
  3. The Meeting of the Waters
  4. Michigan-i-ay
  5. The Aged Pilot-Man (Mark Twain)
  6. Tonawanda Too
  7. I'm Afloat!
  8. Boatin' on a Bullhead
  9. Attens! All Ye Drivers!
  10. The Girl from Yewdall's Mill
  11. Lament of the Teamsters (tune: George Ward)
  12. Fifteen Miles on the Erie Canal

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