Love is Little - 9222

(time 53 minutes)

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The song book includes historical information on each tune and music and texts to all of the selections. Quantity discounts for choirs are available on Love is Little and Joy of Angels books; we also have a portfolio of six songs from The Joy of Angels with original harmony. Please contact us for details.

Vocal soloists:
Mitzie Collins, Roger Hall, Jeff Harp, Kathy Leigh Johnson, Colleen Liggett, Andrew Nagel
The Sampler Chorus

Love is Little includes spirituals from all the major Shaker communities. Produced under the musical direction of ethnomusicologist Roger Hall, the 36 selections are performed in their original style: mostly unison, unaccompanied melodies. Both Love is Little and Joy of Angels reflect Mitzie Collins' lasting interest in Shaker spirituals and her experience as a choir director. The Shaker songs on Love is Little provide a fresh source of music for programs and worship services. You'll find the companion song book to Love is Little invaluable.


  1. Mother Ann's Song
  2. Father James's Song
  3. In Yonder Valley
  4. Square Order Shuffle
  5. Quick Step Manner
  6. The Happy Journey
  7. How Beautiful Do the Heavens Ring
  8. Living Souls Let's Be Marching
  9. Followers of the Lamb
  10. A Prayer for the Captive
  11. Put Thy Hands to Work
  12. Glory and Honor
  13. O Do Feel More Life
  14. Welcome Gospel Kindred
  15. Chinese
  16. Praise to Mother
  17. A Round Dance
  18. All is Summer
  19. If Our Home is So Beautiful
  20. All at Home
  21. More Love
  22. Prayer Universal
  23. Millennial Praise
  24. Peace to Zion
  25. The Shakers
  26. Simple Gifts
  27. Blended Together
  28. Let Zion Move
  29. Redeeming Love
  30. Mother
  31. How Happy are They
  32. Ode to Contentment
  33. On the Landing of Mother Ann in America
  34. Slow March
  35. Gentle Words
  36. Love is Little

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