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vocal / instrumental (time 47 minutes)

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What can you say about a performer who may be the most famous entertainer from Scotland of the 20th century. Sir Harry Lauder made hundreds of recordings from 1904 to 1950. You may have some of his old 79's in your basement.(we certainly do - we have nothing to play them on, but we don't want to give them up). Here are his most famous songs digitally restored in breathtaking realism. His musical genius and warm stage personality shine through. My 89 -year old mother was charmed by the recordings. Initially she was skeptical that any modern could sound as good as those old firendly and scratchly 78's. She was transfixed by the clarity - great memories were brought back by this recording. A great present for someone in their 6th or more decade of life....but also much enjoyed by the younger set.


  1. Overture - The Harry Lauder Medley
  2. I Love a Lassie
  3. Will You Stop Your Tickling Jock *
  4. Breakfast in Bed
  5. Roamin' in the Gloamin '
  6. Waggle O' the Kilt
  7. Soosie Maclean
  8. There's a Wee Hoose 'Mang the Heather
  9. I've Just Got Off The Chain
  10. Just a Wee Deoch an' Doris
  11. We Parted on the Shore
  12. Keep Right On to the End of the Road

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