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Comhalas Ceoltoiri Eireann is a worldwide organization dedicated
to the preservation and enjoyment of traditional Irish music, dance,
and the Irish language.  The very active Rochester, NY, chapter has
a lot going on all the time: traditional music jams, country dancing,
music and language workshops, and much more! This is their first
CD release - make that TWO CDs!

On this double CD release there are 2 Compact Discs including
54 tracks of 77 songs performed by a variety of combinations of
75 musicians - what an undertaking!   And there is something for
everyone - jigs, reels, ballads, traditional, contemporary, and
even some original music performed on all the instruments 
generally associated with the Celtic tradition. There are 
soloists, duos, trios, bands, and choral groups - and performers 
of all ages, including Rochester's most venerated Irishman, 
Marty O'Keefe, who is on the way to being a centenarian!

The songs titles follow:  keep scrolling to see the list of 
performers. The oversized CD insert includes information about 
CCE and all the performers, and even includes a photo of each one.

Slainte! And happy listening!


  1.   Man of the House, Cup of Tea, Man of the House 4:27 MP3
  2.   Mrs. Ryan’s Polka 1:46
  3.   Meeting of the Waters 2:14
  4.   Southwind 2:00 MP3
  5.   Kathleen O’Hehirs, Star Above the Garter 3:36
  6.   The Musical Priest 1:50 (live session recording at East Rochester High School)
  7.   Paddy’s Return, Donny Brook Fair 3:14 (live recording at our Ceili dance)
  8.   Bridget Donahue 2:53
  9.   Boys of the Town, Banks of Lough Gowna 2:47
  10.   Simply Sara 2:58
  11.   Fanny Power 1:35 MP3
  12.   Drowsy Maggie 1:39 MP3
  13.   Castle of Dromore 2:38
  14.   The Swallow Tail Jig, The Road to Lisdoonvarna 3:33
  15.   Patsy Geary, The Dingle Regatta 3:07
  16.   Jefferson and Liberty 2:23
  17.   Broken Hearted I’ll Wander 3:32
  18.   Mrs. McLouds 1:19
  19.   The Green Hills of Kerry 1:18
  20.   Come Back Paddy Reilly to Ballyjamesduff 0:51
  21.   Murshin Durkin, Maggie in the Woods 2:06
  22.   Irish Jaunting Car 2:32
  23.   Dunphy’s Hornpipe 1:24
  24.   Lurgandan’s jig, The Mouse in the Cup 2:44
  25.   Ted McGraw’s 2:05
  26.   The Seal People 12.27 (live recording at the 2nd. Annual Irish Gala dinner)

  1.   Mrs. Thorton’s, The Plough and the Stars, Fergal O’Gara, The Sailor on the Rock 4:21
  2.   Boys from Barr Na Sraide 4:08 MP3
  3.   Growling old Man Grumbling Old Woman 4:08
  4.   Palm Sunday 2:22
  5.   Lakes of Sligo, The Barren Rocks of Aden 2:08
  6.   Isle of Innisfree 3:43
  7.   Boys of Blue Hill 3:00
  8.   The Flowers of Edinburgh, The Rakes of Mallow 2:59
  9.   Sally Gardens, The Swallowtail Reel 2:28
  10.   Kesh Jig 1:54
  11.   O’Keefe’s Slide, Dingle Regatta Slide 2:32
  12.   Eirigh Suas A’ Stori’n 4:17
  13.   The Red Haired Boy 1:53
  14.   The Old Copper Plate, Lady Montgomery, The Boys of Malin 2:58
  15.   Ho’er in the Nettles, Humors of Richmond, Labre Park 3:16 MP3
  16.   Harvest Home 3:16
  17.   The Butterfly 1:38
  18.   Monahan’s Jig 1:37
  19.   The Merry Blacksmith, The Wind that Shakes the Barley 2:57
  20.   The Banshee 2:43
  21.   The Rose of Aranmore, Pull Down the Blind 2:23 MP3
  22.   I’ll Walk Beside You 1:18
  23.   The Ships are Sailing 1:08
  24.   Hector the Hero 3:47
  25.   The Rakes of Kildare 1:36
  26.   Saddle the Pony, The Blackthorne Stick 2:08
  27.   The Battering Ram, The Blarney Pilgrim 3:11
  28.   The Harp that Once Through Tara’s Halls 3:18

Comhaltas Irish Rochester CD

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