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Celtic harp, guitar, lute, and uilleann pipes
(time 55 minutes)

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Linn Barnes: guitar, lute, uilleann pipes; Allison Hampton: Celtic harp

The poignant and compelling timbre of the uilleann (elbow in Irish) pipes, combined with nimble harp and lute playing, makes this oustanding album of dance tunes and airs stand out in the field of Celtic recordings. Linn Barnes and Allison Hampton are from the Washington, DC area - their sixteen years of concertizing include two performances at the prestigious Inter-Celtic Festival in Lorient, Brittany, France.

  1. The Kid on the Mountain Blind Mary
  2. Starbuck's Hornpipe
  3. The Parting Glass /The Joy of My Life
  4. Maurice O'Connor
  5. Timse i m'Chodladh / The Bucks of Oranmore
  6. O'Farrell's Welcome to Limerick
  7. The Devil's Dream
  8. March of the High King of Laois
  9. O'Carolan's Concerto
  10. The Dublin Reel
  11. Maighdean Mhara
  12. Father O'Flynn
  13. The Lute Reel
  14. Lady Dillon
  15. Banish Misfortune

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