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instrumental (time 49 minutes)

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Joemy Wilson: hammered dulcimer; Anisa Angarola: guitar; Valerie King: flute, piccolo; Miamon Miller: violin; Sylvia Woods: Celtic harp

Gifts III, a collection of carols from around the world, is exceptionally well done. The sound of Joemy Wilson's dulcimer sparkles as the excitement and mystery of the Christmas season unfold through the upbeat and the slower selections. Joemy is joined on this recording by several superb musicians, including well-known harper Slyvia Woods.


  1. Furry Day Carol / On Christmas Night [traditional English] (dulcimer, guitar, flutes)
  2. Go, Tell It On The Mountain [traditional African-American] (dulcimer, guitar, violins, flute)
  3. Ihr Kinderlein, Kommet [traditional German] (dulcimer, harp, flutes)
  4. Wexford Carol [traditional Irish] (dulcimers, guitar)
  5. Kolyada [traditional Russian] / Russian Dance from The Nutcracker [Tchaikovski, Russian] (dulcimer, guitar, violins, flutes, piccolo)
  6. Winter / New Year's Day [traditional Greek] (dulcimer, harp, violins)
  7. The Christ Child's Lullaby [traditional Scottish] (dulcimer, flutes)
  8. Christmas Bells (traditional Czech] (dulcimer, harp, violins, flutes)
  9. Enter, Holy Pilgrims [traditional Mexican] (dulcimers)
  10. Midnight, Sleeping Bethlehem [traditional Chinese] (dulcimers, violin, flute, piccolo, Chinese gong)
  11. Carol of the Bagpipers [traditional Italian] (dulcimer, guitar, flutes)
  12. Shepherds, Come A-Running / Infant Holy [traditional Polish] (dulcimers, violins)
  13. Lullaby for the Baby Jesus [traditional Brazilian] (dulcimer, guitar, flutes)
  14. Shepherds to Bethlehem [traditional Puerto Rican / Spanish] (dulcimer, guitar, violins, flutes)
  15. How Far Is It to Bethlehem? [traditional English] (dulcimer, flutes)
  16. Christmas Day Is Come [traditional Irish] (dulcimers, guitar, violins, flutes)
  17. As Lately We Watched [traditional Austrian] (dulcimer, harp, violins)
  18. Carol of the Birds / Carol of the Flowers [traditional French] (dulcimers, flutes)
  19. Merry Christmas [traditional Swedish] (dulcimer, guitar, harp, violin, flute)

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