Danse Ce Soir - DCS101

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instrumental (time 60 minutes)

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Laurie Hart: fiddle; Greg Sandell: piano; Stephane Landry: accordion;
Paul Marchand: guitar Andre Marchand: feet; Pierre Chartrand: stepdancing; Jean-Claude Mirandette: guitar


    [Tunes are traditional unless otherwise indicated]
  1. Fisher's Hornpipe / Reel de Pointe-au-Pic (fiddles, piano, feet)
  2. Valse du Mois d'Novembre [Jean-Claude Mirandette] (fiddle, guitar)
  3. Gigue du Pere Mathias [Adelard Thomassin] / Reel St-Jean / Reel Joseph [Marcel Messervier] (accordion, piano, feet)
  4. 6/8 in G / Valcartier Set (fiddle, piano)
  5. Reel des Poilus / Reel du Pendu (fiddle, stepdancing, feet)
  6. Marche au Camp [Jean-Paul Loyer] / Reel in A [Jean-Paul Loyer] (fiddles, guitars, feet)
  7. Premiere Partie du Lancier / Saut du Lapin / Air du Saguenay (fiddles, piano, feet)
  8. Le Violon Confesseur [Ericc Favreau] (fiddle, guitar)
  9. Clog a Ti-Jules (fiddle, piano)
  10. Danse du Barbier / Cotillon de Baie-Ste-Catherine / La Marmotteuse (fiddle, guitar, feet)
  11. Valse-Clog Guilmette / Valse-Clog LaCroix (accordion, piano)
  12. Galope a Denis [Lisa Ornstein] / La Ronde des Voyageurs (fiddle, piano)
  13. 6/8 in D / Gigue des Capouchons (accordion, fiddle, guitar)
  14. Galope de la Malbaie / Eugene / Mackilmoyle's Reel (fiddle, piano, feet)
  15. La Veuve du Pendu [Jean-Claude Mirandette] (guitars)
  16. Valse du Vieux Moulin [Raynald Ouellet] (accordion, fiddle, piano)
  17. La Grande Gigue Simple (fiddle, stepdancing)

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