Celtic Crossing
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(time 55 minutes)
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William Coulter: guitar, Kevin Burke:fiddle; Kim Robertson: Celtic harp; Todd Denman: uilleann pipes; Theo Paige: bodhran; Shelley Phillips: oboe; Barry Phillips: cello; Lars Johannesson: flute; Paul Machlis: piano; Benjamin Verdery: guitar; Neal Hellman: mountain dulcimer; Laurie Hart: fiddle.

William Coulter has gathered a fascinating collection of traditional melodies and assembled a stellar group of folk musicians; the result is an album of uncommon beauty, power and mystery. Coulter's technically formidable - but always gentle- steel-strung guitar is the thread which ties t all together.


  1. Ground Plan / La Rotta Rose in the Heather / Tom Billy's Jig
  2. Marble Halls
  3. Return to Fingal : Einini
  4. The
  5. Lagan Love / The Lark in the Morning
  6. Si bheag Si mhor
  7. Lads of Laois
  8. Stor Mo Chroi
  9. Beidh Aonach Amarach / Connachtman's Rambles
  10. Ay Linda Amiga
  11. Banish Misfortune / Kesh Jig
  12. Mo Ghille Mear
  13. O'Carolan's Farewell to Music

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