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vocal / instrumental / time 55 minutes

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Git Azoy (It's Good This Way) Rob Mendel: clarinet; Bonnie Abrams: guitar, vocals; Glenna Chance: violin; Zeljko Kuvizic: accordion; Roey Mendel: cello; Pete Rushefsky: five-string banjo; Sean Michael Sullivan: drums

This spirited recording reflects the growing popularity of Klezmer music. Klezmer is the musical tradition of Eastern Europe's Ashkenazic Jews mixed liberally with ragtime and jazz influences of the New World. Whenever this group performs spontaneous dancing erupts - with grannies and toddlers joining in with all ages inbetween - unable to restrain themselves on the lively dance tunes. The songs cry out for you to join fact the entire tradition is meant to be participartory in every way. The group takes it's name from an intersection (with at least twelve corners) in the Rochester suburb of Brighton. The core sound of clarinet and fiddle, accordion, banjo, cello and guitar propells the collection of familiar and refreshingly new tunes.

1. Smokin' Bulgar
2. Sadegurer Khosid
3. Yiddishe Mama
4. Wedding Zhok
5. Max's Bulgar/Di Golden Khasene
6. Dem Trisker Rebns Khosid
7. Rebbe Elimeylekh
8. Firndi Mekhutonim/ AFeylekhs fun der Khupe
9. Odessa Bulgar
10. Abe Gezint
11. Zemer Atik/Mayim
12. Bulgar a la Naftule
13. Broyges Tantz/Mizinke Oysgegebn
14. Freylekh 1/Romanian Bulgar
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